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Hyaluron Pen Black is the most progressive needle-less injector. The device was developed for the domestic market of South Korea. Hyaluron Pen Black is the most powerful device in the market and can be easily used to administer the densest medical substances. Our company performs strict manufacturing control of the quality of this device.

Key advantages

  1. This is the most powerful device in the market.
  2. It can be used with the fillers having the density in the range from 18 to 24 mg/ml.
  3. This device is an efficient tool for lipolytic agents, meso cocktails and fillers.
  4. The entire process of administration of products is totally painless.
  5. Hyaluron Pen Black leaves no scars, bruises or livid spots.
  6. There's virtually no risk of contamination.

The purpose of the device

Hyaluron Pen Black can be used to perform the following procedures:

  • increase the volume of lips by using hyaluronic acid fillers;
  • eliminate wrinkles;
  • meso therapy and bio revitalization; 
  • face contour shaping;
  • administer medical substances, anesthetics, and insulin.


Hyaluron Pen Black is a black tool made from medical grade steel. The device is equipped with a special powerful spring. After setting the trigger, the spring creates high pressure and distributes the substance under the skin at the depth of 5-18 mm. According to scientists, this type of skincare products distribution is more efficient than traditional beauty injections.

Where to buy

The original Hyaluron Pen Black can be easily purchased in Viana cosmetological supermarket. The product is available in stock and ready for shipping. The shipping time of the Hyaluron Pen Black and other products is around 2-6 days for all the regions of Russia.


The device creates a pressure of 3.5 bars. The speed of the hyaluronic filler distribution is 800 km/h. The depth of administration is in the range from 5 to 18 mm.



South Korea


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