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Device for the introduction of fillers
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HYALURON PEN is an innovative needle-free tool to deliver fillers, meso cocktails, and other substances to the skin. HYALURON PEN was developed in South Korea and it's widely accepted as an alternative to the classic needle treatments. The tool consists of two different elements: the case and the needleless syringe that is used to store the liquid product. 
Key advantages:
  • Painless distribution of the active substance right under the skin.
  • Total lack of wounds and scars.
  • The risk of infection and contamination is equal to zero.
  • There's no chance that the active substance would reach the muscle tissues.
  • The tool has an ergonomic shape and very easy-to-use.
The purpose of the tool        
It's incredibly easy to use the HYALURON PEN. The doctor has to apply the tool to the desired area of the skin and press the button. The filler will be delivered right under the skin by using the high pressure. The doctor is able to control the amount of the distributed active substance with the highest level of precision. 
The tool is widely used in the following areas:
  • lip plumping;
  • elimination of wrinkles by using fillers;
  • mesotherapy and revitalization;
  • lipolysis injection;
  • face contour modeling and shaping;
  • procedures related to the anesthesia distribution.
The tool is equipped with a special spring that is used to deliver the active substance to the epidermis in just 0.2 seconds by using the pressure of 100 bar. By using this method, the doctor is able to deliver the filler to the depth of 3-4 millimeters under the skin.
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South Korea
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