Plasma Pen Beauty Monster Black

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Beauty Monster Black professional care at home.

Plasma Beauty Monster Black (pro) is an improved version of its predecessor Beauty Monster (White). Innovative products of this manufacturer have made it possible to increase the product efficiency up to level 4 and to improve the quality of the product. The product completely satisfies the cosmetology standards set in 2018. 

Main advantages:

  1. Perfect alternative to procedures normally taken in beauty salons. To achieve the desired result comparable with professional care only three 15-minute procedures are necessary. 
  2. Easy to use. One does not need to be a professional to carry out the procedure. 
  3. Complex approach preventing ageing. 

Purpose of product usage

Beauty Monster Black is intended for plasmolifting and skin rejuvenation without the necessity to visit beauty salons. It generates plasma that influences tissues on the molecular level. Monster black is efficient in fighting the following problems:

  • Wrinkles; skin sagginess;
  • Acne, enlarged pores
  • Moles, pigment spots.

Besides, this plasmatic product improves the effect of using cosmetic products (improves adsorption).  


The product is completed with 3 caps. Plasma Tip is intended for removing pigment spots, moles and small tattoos. Fraction Tip helps dealing with skin scaling. Thermal Tip is for smoothing wrinkles and for shrinking pores. 

Where to purchase the product

One can purchase Beauty Monster Black Professional at a favorable price in our internet store. As soon as the payment is processed we will send your purchase to any country directly from South Korea. 

The product can be purchased for use in beauty salons as well as for home usage. 

Weight: 450 g

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