Fibroblast Plasma Pen Beauty Monster White

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The Beauty Monster Plasma Pen is a portable plasma devices that can remove spots, pigment, moles, skin tags, scars and improve wrinkles. The plasma pen comes with different additional nozzles which can be used to generate a high frequency between the stable ions of the skin and the unstable ions in the air, this then creates a spark.
The Fibroblast Plasma Pen Beauty Monster White contains 3 tips: the plasma tip, fraction tip and the thermal tip. 
  • Plasma Tip  - To be used on warts, age spots, shallow tattoos, syringoma, etc. When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it creates a combustion effect on the skin surface by causing small plasma sparks on the cellular tissue, maximizing the effect and minimizing side effects.
  • Fraction Tip  - Best used on scars, acne, eye lid surgery, eyebrow lifting, etc. When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it stimulates the skin by causing combustion effect on the skin surface without effecting the cellular tissue.
  • Thermal Tip  - To be used for fine wrinkles, tightening, lifting, pores, etc. When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it delivers heat deep inside the skin without pain, accelerating skin regeneration using micro-currents, which has 3 wave length s. 

Beauty Monster Plasma Pen Tips

Main advantages

  1. Makes it possible to save money on professional cosmetologists.
  2. Easy to use and does not require any special skills or any special education.
  3. Has 8 function modes different in frequency and power. 
  4. High quality and efficiency have been proved by certificates issued in different countries. 
Apart from some small swelling, this using the plasma pen won't be leaving any side effects.

Purpose of use

Beauty Monster White makes an influence on the micro-level by means of plasmatic rays. It accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis as well as synthesis of other components of extracellular matrix, prevents aging, whitens spots, exfoliates dead cells, kills bacteria causing acne. 
A wide range of application makes it possible to use the apparatus in presence of the following defects:
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Vascular networks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Pigment spots
  • Benign tu mor
  • Tattoo removal
1-3 procedures are usually required to get the first visible results. Frequency of sessions and repeated treatment courses depend on the type of a problem. With a proper use the apparatus by guarantee will give back beauty and youthful look to your skin.  

Beauty Monster Plasma Pen

After using the Beauty Monster Plasma Pen, avoid the sun or spa for a couple of days, don't scratch or pull off any scabs. 

Where to purchase the product

It's possible to purchase Beauty Monster White at a favorable price without any over payment in our internet store VIANA. We deliver products throughout the world directly from South Korea.


420 g

What's Included

  • Beauty monster white (voltage is 110-240V, comes with a C Type plug. This device doesn't hold battery and it has to be used with the charger plugged in.)
  • Plasma Tip — 2pcs
  • Fraction Tip — 1pcs
  • Thermal Tip — 1 pcs


South korea

►Warranty period

We do quality inspections of all devices as soon as they arrive to our warehouse.
Warranty period: 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the product.
If you experience any problems with your device within this period, you can apply for a return or refund.

Frequently asked questions

What is a plasma pen good for?

A plasma pen is a non-invasive portable device that can be used to remove spots, treat wrinkles, improve scars and lifts the skin.




    First impressions: I was pleased to learn that this is an authentic Beauty Monster plasma pen as there are so many dupes on the market. Notably, there are several power and frequency options that allow a user to adjust to his/her preferences.

    So far, I used this device under my chin at low power and frequency levels and was pleased to see that the resulting dots were smaller than what I've seen from users of cheap mole pens. This suggests to me that there may be more precision with this device than less expensive models although I have not done a direct comparison.

    I was looking for a middle ground between very expensive plasma pens (>$1K) and the cheap mole pens (<$30). So far, this device meets my expectations as that middle ground that I was looking for.

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