Mesotherapy Cannulas JBP NanoCannula 25g 50mm

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JBP NanoСannula are blunt-tipped elastic cannulas of a new generation. They have been developed by Japanese specialists in order to reduce pain sense and to minimize skin traumas during the injection of products based on hyaluronic acid. It is an innovative development of Japan Bio Products Co. LTD – an enlarged internal diameter, super-thin and smooth walls. A single aperture on one side is intended for an accurate implantation of dermal fillers. A blunt tip does not traumatize nerve fibers and does not touch pain receptors in the area of correction. 
Main advantages:
  • Less stress ensured by painless injections;
  • Has special marking which makes it possible for a specialist to control the depth of injection;
  • No severe swelling or bruises after the procedure.

Product purpose

Mesotherapy cannulas JBP Nanocannula 25g 50mm are used for injecting cosmetological products and fillers under the skin. Unlike needles, they make much less punctures. 

Weight: 120 g

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