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Mesotherapy Needles Natural-Meso 30g 4mm 100 ea

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30g 4mm Meso-Needle
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Mesotherapy Needles are the needles designed for injectable cosmetological procedures related to rejuvenation and skin treatment. They are manufactured with the use of laser sharpening technology.

Main Advantages:

  1. Made out of high quality steel and sharpened by a laser. 
  2. Ultra thin walls and maximum sharp angle of cutoff makes it possible for the needle to penetrate into the epidermis easily.
  3. Does not leave any injection marks. After the treatment, there is no swelling or bruising.
  4. Sterile. Do not carry any risk of infection by contamination. 
  5. A short length enables a cosmetologist to get onto a desired spot with pinpoint accuracy. 
  6. The shots are painless and do not require using anesthesia.  
  7. Quickly and easily penetrate under the skin.

Product Purpose:

This needle length is intended for the use of hyaluronic acid.

What’s inside: 

Mesotherapy Needles Natural-Meso 30g 4mm, 1box/100ea.

How to use:

They are intended for a single use. Each needle is packed individually.

Made in Korea.


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