Mesotherapy Needles natutal-meso 30g 4 mm

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Any injectible cosmetological procedure requires using special needles. Their quality influences the accuracy of the result, sensation of pain and post-procedure complications. Mesotherapy Needles 30G 4mm allow making “beauty injections” painlessly avoiding post-injection swelling and hematomas.  

Main advantages

  1. They are made out of high quality steel and sharpened by a laser. 
  2. Ultra think walls and maximum sharp angle of cutoff make it possible for the needle to penetrate into the epidermis easily.
  3. They do not leave any injection marks. After the procedure there are no swellings, bruises or hematomas. 
  4. They are sterile and do not carry any risk of infection contamination. 
  5. A short length enable a cosmetologist to get onto a desired spot with a pinpoint accuracy. 
  6. The shots are painless and do not require using anesthesia.  

Product purpose

30G needles with 4 mm length are used in mesotherapy, contour plastics on face and body. They are ideal for sclerotherapy including removal of spider veins. 

How to purchase the product

One can purchase mesotherapy needles at a favorable price and without overpayment to agents in our beauty industry supermarket Viana.


They are intended for a single use. Each needle is packed individually. One carton box contains 100 needles. Color of basis – yellow. 
Weight: 100 g

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