Mesotherapy Needles JBP Nano needles Needles 27G 25mm

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JBP Nano Needles have been developed by Japanese specialists for reducing sensation of pain during injectable cosmetological procedures. The needles have ultra-thin walls, an enlarged lumen and a sharp top. They easily penetrate into the dermal layers ensuring accurate injection of products. They are manufactured using micron polishing and are made of stainless steel. 
Main advantages:
  • Absence of pain during the injections eliminates psychological discomfort with patients;
  • Minimal resistance during injection of gels makes the work of a beauty specialist easier;
  • Do not leave hematomas or swelling;
  • Affordable price;
  • Makes it possible to inject viscous fillers;
  • Good correction result.

Product purpose

JBP Nano Needles 27g 25 mm are used to inject drugs, dermal fillers during mesotherapy procedures and body contour plastics. They can be used in combination with extra-elastic cannulas. 
External diameter 0,4 mm;
Length: 25 mm.

Weight: 110 g

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