Mesotherapy Needles JBP Nano needles Needles 30G 4mm

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JBP Nanoneedles 30G feature ultra-thin walls, a shortened cut of the tip and a wide inner diameter. Atraumatic nano-needles are made out of stainless steel which does not oxidize over time. When grinding there is used micron ultrathin grinding technology.

Main advantages

  1. Procedures are painless because the needle easily penetrates into the skin layers, and the punctures are invisible. 
  2. They can be used in any skin areas including sensitive and delicate ones. 
  3. Due to a wide lumen injections are made without any resistance. 
  4. High quality package ensures product sterility.  

Product purpose

Mesotherapy needles JBP Nanoneedles (Needles 30G4mm, 8mm, 13 mm) are used for injecting products containing vitamins, ferments, plant extracts and other components into dermal layers. The needles nave a plastic limiter that allows making injections exactly at a specific depth. 
Even a non-experienced user can perform mesotherapy procedures with nano-needles. They are easy in use and do not traumatize the skin.  

Where to purchase the product

This product is available for order in the supermarket Viana at a low price. We will deliver your purchase to Moscow or any Russian region. 


The needles have a similar 30G caliber, but different length of 4, 8 or 13 mm. The external diameter is 0,3 mm; internal diameter is 0,2 mm. 
Each nano-needle is packed individually. One box contains 100 needles.
Weight: 110 g

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