Mesotherapy Needles John Screw Needle 31g 7mm

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John Screw Needles: pinpoint precision of procedures

To reduce pain feelings and skin injuries in the course of mesotherapy, you should buy high-quality consumables. Screw needles "John Screw Needles" manufactured in South Korea leave almost no marks of punctures. Their length can be regulated as necessary. 

Key Advantages

  • They do not injure skin.
  • They do not leave marks on skin.
  • They are suitable for sensitive areas.

Application of Product

They can be used for any injection procedures and techniques.


The needle is a screw with a plastic cap. The needle has a guide cap (screw cap) which fixes the needle's length. The length can be regulated from 0 to 4 mm. Needle length: 7 mm (when removing the screw cap).
Diameter: 31G.
Quantity of needles per pack: 100 pcs.

Where to Buy

This product can not be purchased in conventional storesa. You can order screw needles online in web-stores. If you buy John Screw Needles in Viana supermarket, we warrant the product delivery to all tte wotld directly from South Korea.

Weight: 120 g

Diameter: 31G.
Quantity of needles per pack: 100 pcs.

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