Needle Stopper

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Needle stopper is one of the instruments necessary for beauty specialists who perform injectable procedures. It allows regulating the length of a needle up to 4 mm for more precise and safe injections of products into the dermal layers. It minimizes the risks of injections into blood vessels. 
Main advantages:
  • As accurately as possible regulates the depth of the needle penetration;
  • Makes an injectable procedure easier and increases its safety;
  • Suitable for different sizes;
  • Wide range of application.

Product purpose

Needle stopper is used to limit the depth of injections of different cosmetological products: fillers, mesococktails, placenta products, dermal toxins. It is used for doing hydro injections, in contour plastics, in mesotherapy and other similar procedures performed in the facial area, on the body and on the head skin. 
It is fixed on top of the syringe. The length is regulated with a tension nut. It is suitable for needles from 27G1/2 to 33G. It is not an infusion plug.

Listed price is per 1 pcs

Weight: 5 g

Manufacturer: South Korea

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