Syringe Connector Syringe Mixing Tube

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The Syringe Connector is designed to mix products in two syringes or to move a solution from one device to another. An infusion connector (adapter) forms a sealed system between two medical instruments. This protects the cosmetic products from the penetration of bacteria and prevents the loss of the solution when mixed or transfused.
Advantages of the device:
  • provides a reliable connection between two syringes (without needles) or an infusion system;
  • allows mixing or moving products quickly and without any loss;
  • it is suitable for standard and non-standard connections and for any syringes;
  • safe and practical.

Description of the connector

It is a transparent direct-flow hollow tube. It has threads on both sides. Each adapter is packaged separately. It is designed for single use. 

Syringe connector for simultaneous mixing of two different products. Mixing of products is incredibly easy and fast. South Korea.

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