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Odicodi Lead M Liquid

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KFDA(the Korea Food and Drug Administration)-registered cosmetics! Relieving hair loss!
Highly nutritious scalp treatment. Relieving hair loss. Stimulating healthy hair growth.
Effect within only three days of use.
None of the following 10 test items was detected in the product: Lead/Arsenic/Mercury/Antimony/Cadmium/Dioxane/Methanol/

Main Features:

  1. L-menthol, Salicylic acid, Dexpanthenol Odicodi Lead M Liquid is mainly composed of L-menthol, salicylic acid and dexpanthenol, which are effective in scalp refreshment and hair loss relief.
  2. Mulberry roots and upper leaves, heartleaf houttuynia, birch, platycladus orientalis, perilla frutescens, etc. Odicodi Lead M Liquid is full of 14 natural plant extracts including mulberry(root and upper leaf), heartleaf houttuynia, birch, platycladus orientalis, etc.
  3. Once a day, every night Nourish your scalp and hair root. 
  4. Shiny and bouncy hair Odicodi Lead M Liquid helps relieving your hair loss and  moisturizing hair.

Product is recommended for: 

  • Genetic hair loss;
  • Hair loss in women(childbirth, poor diet);
  • Bad dandruff in hair;
  • Itchy scalp;
  • Oily scalp in the afternoon;
  • Weak and thinning hair;
  • Inelastic and lacklustre hair;
  • Overstyling;
  • People who haven't been helped by other treatments;
  • People who want a reliable hair loss Liquid in a good price;
  • Hair loss Liquid in a reasonable price made by a reliable company;
  • Easy scalp treatment(Spray on your scalp before you sleep);
  • Easy and simple to use but effective in having healthy hair with a little effort.

How to use: 

  1. Please shake the bottle vigorously before use. Spray evenly over your scalp.
  2. Tap with finger to be absorbed.
  3. Go sleep without washing scalp.
After spray the liquid, do not wash your scalp and go sleep.

Product containes 14 natural ingredients:

  1. L-menthol;
  2. Salicylic acid;
  3. Dexpanthenol;
  4. Mulberry roots and upper leaves;
  5. Platycladus orientalis;
  6. Licorice root;
  7. Birch;
  8. Heartleaf houttuynia;
  9. Perilla frutescens;
  10. Shrubby sophora;
  11. Quince;
  12. Centella;
  13. Sponge gourd;
  14. Honeysuckle;
  15. Cnidium officinale makino;
  16. Safflower.


120 ml / pump
Weight: 140 g


South Korea

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