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Odicodi Lead M Shampoo

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With Odicodi Lead M Shampoo, you can experience relieving your hair loss within only three weeks of use. None of the following 10 test items was detected in Odicodi Lead M Shampoo. Lead/Arsenic/Mercury/Antimony/Cadmium/Dioxane/Methanol/ Formaldehyde/Phthalate/Microbes.

Main Features:

  1. L-menthol, Salicylic acid, Dexpanthenol. Odicodi Lead M Shampoo is mainly composed of L-menthol, salicylic acid and dexpanthenol, which are effective in scalp refreshment and hair loss relie.
  2. Clear your scalp, blocked with sweat, oil and fine dust. Odicodi Lead M Shampoo keeps your scalp clean and refreshed.
  3. Mulberry roots and upper leaves, heartleaf houttuynia, birch, platycladus orientalis, perilla frutescens, etc.  Odicodi Lead M Shampoo is full of 14 natural plant extracts including mulberry(root and upper leaf), heartleaf houttuynia, birch, platycladus orientalis, etc. 
  4. Shiny and bouncy hair  Odicodi Lead M Shampoo helps relieving your hair loss and moisturizing hair. 

Product is recommended for: 

  • Genetic hair loss;
  • Hair loss in women(childbirth, poor diet); 
  • Bad dandruff in hair;
  • Itchy scalp; 
  • Oily scalp in the afternoon; 
  • Weak and thinning hair; 
  • Inelastic and lacklustre hair; 
  • Overstyling; 
  • People who haven't been helped by other treatments; 
  • People who want a reliable hair loss Liquid in a good price; 
  • Hair loss Shampoo in a reasonable price made by a reliable company; 
  • Easy and simple to use but effective in having healthy hair with a little effort.

Product containes 14 natural ingredients:

  1. L-menthol;
  2. Salicylic acid;
  3. Dexpanthenol;
  4. Mulberry roots and upper leaves;
  5. Platycladus orientalis;
  6. Licorice root;
  7. Birch;
  8. Heartleaf houttuynia;
  9. Perilla frutescens;
  10. Shrubby sophora;
  11. Quince;
  12. Centella;
  13. Sponge gourd;
  14. Honeysuckle;
  15. Cnidium officinale makino;
  16. Safflower.


170 ml / pump
Weight: 180 g


South Korea

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