Doctor Lead M Shampoo

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Relieving hair loss
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Doctor Lead M Shampoo is designed for preventing hair loss and for hair strengthening. The product is manufactured by South Korean Company Kwangduk and has been certified by Korea Food and Drug Administration. Regular application ensures thick, glossy beautiful hair. 
Product advantages:
  • Contains natural components;
  • Makes hair healthier, strengthens, enriches hair with valuable elements;
  • Professional care at home;
  • Fast result.
Product purpose
The product is designed for treating alopecia caused by lack of nutrition, hormone or genetic disorders. Among other indications are: thin and weak hair, skin itching, dandruff, excessive greasiness. We recommend to use in a complex with Dr. lead M Liquid.
Description and composition
It is released in vials of 170 ml with a dosing cap. Contains L-menthol, nicotinic acid amide, salicylic acid, dexapanthenol, plant extracts: mulberry, licorice, birch, honeyberry, quince and other plants.
Product containes 14 natural ingredients:
  1. L-menthol;
  2. Salicylic acid;
  3. Dexpanthenol;
  4. Mulberry roots and upper leaves;
  5. Platycladus orientalis;
  6. Licorice root;
  7. Birch;
  8. Heartleaf houttuynia;
  9. Perilla frutescens;
  10. Shrubby sophora;
  11. Quince;
  12. Centella;
  13. Sponge gourd;
  14. Honeysuckle;
  15. Cnidium officinale makino;
  16. Safflower.
170 ml / pump
180 g
South Korea
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