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Garlic Injections — strong immunity and healthy skin. 
It has been proved that garlic is able to rejuvenate and revitalize human body. The usefulness of this vegetable is valued in both traditional and non-traditional medicine, that’s why there are pills, tinctures, oil produced based on garlic. Garlic Injection is an injectable product for improving the immune system, for detoxication of body, and for cancer prevention. 

Main advantages

  1. Has a high safety profile
  2. Makes a complex influence – improves protective skin qualities, slows down ageing processes, and in general, makesthe body healthier. 


The method of application depends on the problem being solved. In order to strengthen immunity, improve memory, reduce fatigue and prevent cancer, garlic injections are made intravenously. In order to improve skin condition the product can be used as a mesotherapy method. 
In the field of cosmetology this garlic product is suitable for:
  • Treating acne, «fatigued» skin, skin prone to inflammations;
  • Prevention of ageing;
  • Cancer prevention in case of existing benign tumors.  

Description and composition

It is released in 10 ml. ampoules made of dark glass. One package contains 10 ampoules.
The active ingredient is Fursultimine Hydrochloride (Fursultiamine Hydrochloride) in an amount of 54.6 mg / 10ml. It is a derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1). It has been synthesized by Japanese scientists in 1960. This substance is a component of several medical products and BADs.
Weight: 220 g

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