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Body Detox
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Vitamin C injection is a vitamin product for restoring and whitening skin. Ascorbic acid is a necessary organic compound for maintaining youth and beauty of body. It’s a powerful antioxidant that detoxicates the body, removes decay products, strengthens protective features of skin, protects skin from ultraviolet, prevents cancerous formations. 
Main advantages:
  1. Safe for the body and does not cause side effects.
  2. Improves skin quality, revitalizes body in general. 
  3. Launches natural rejuvenation processes. 
  4. Slows down ageing processes. 
Product purpose
Vitamin C injections are intended for rejuvenation and for restoring skin coverings, and for improving complexion. 
Indications to using the product: 
  • Wrinkles, sagginess, excessive dryness;
  • Photo-ageing;
  • Unhealthy, dim complexion;
  • Pigment spots, age related darkening of epidermis;
  • Acne, post-acne. 
Injections are made by different ways: intravenuously, imtramuscularly, subcutaneously. It’s possible to go without syringes and needles adding the product to facial masks or adding into the water for washing face. It’s sufficient to mix one vial with water in even proportions and to wipe the face with this liquid twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. 
Description and composition
It is released in 20 ml. ampoules made of dark glass. Solution contains active ingredient – ascorbic acid (10 mg.). One package contains 10 ampoules.
490 g
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