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Injection ZincS

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Zink injections are used in cosmetology to speed up healing processes and skin restoration. South Korean injectable product ZincS stimulate regeneration of cells, cures acne, improves complexion, restores skin coverings after deep peeling or other invasive cosmetological procedures. 

Main advantages

  1. It has a wide area of application.
  2. It launches natural skin rejuvenation processes.
  3. It makes up microelement deficit. 

Product purpose

Zink is a powerful antioxidant. It has immunostimulatory qualities, compose ferments that participate in proliferation of tissues. It is always a component of vitamin complexes for children as it stimulates body growth. 
Zink solution for injections is used in dermatology, ophthalmology and cosmetology. The product is injected endovenuously. Mesotherapy procedures (micro injections) with zink are performed in beauty salons.  

Indications to using the product:

  • Long wound healing process;
  • Skin traumas after dermabrasion or peeling;
  • Age related changes of skin coverings;
  • Acne eruption;
  • Zink deficit (with ageing the amount of micro elements in tissues is reduced);
  • Hair loss.


It is released in the form of a solution in 10ml. vials. Active ingredient is zink sulfate 44,4 mg.
Weight: 240 g

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