Luthione 1200

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Luthione 1200 - a modern product for mesotherapy. This product is intended to eliminate age-related changes of the skin while providing a complex effect on the body: it enforces the immune system while increasing the activity of liver enzymes and restoring its proper activity. 
Key advantages
Luthione 1200 causes melanin inhibition, thus providing the strongest whitening effect. The product helps to eliminate high-density metals in the body, while improving the functioning of the liver, fighting with pigmentation and age-related changes of the skin. 
Luthione 1200 causes no discomfort for the patients because the key ingredient of the product is produced by the human body in the most natural way. 
Luthione 1200 is the best choice for comprehensive whitening and resurfacing of the skin. 
Indications for use:
  • pigmentation of the skin
  • uneven and pale skin shade
  • age-related changes in the skin
  • acne pitted acne scars and enlarged pores
The entire Luthione 1200 course includes from 4 to 10 treatment sessions. The first visible results can be noticed already after 3-5 sessions. One can repeat the course every 6 months. 
10 vials / box
South Korea
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