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5 vials / 8ml each
Deoxycholic Acid
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Please note that fat dissolving injections are meant to be administered by medical professionals. We are not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by yourself. We will not compensate for products that have been wasted or misused.
Kabelline is an injectable contouring serum that helps dissolve fat in targeted areas of the body, such as the chin, the face, and the stomach. One of the bestsellers in South Korea, this fat dissolver directly destroys redundant fat cells on the face or body.

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How Does It Work?

Kabelline is a direct fat dissolver that injects Deoxycholic acid into fat deposits to destroy the fat cells. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid that is naturally found in our bodies, helping to break down fats for absorption in the intestine, and an FDA-approved fat-dissolving material. Kabelline induces destruction of the fat cells in a two-fold method: the Deoxycholic acid directly destroys fat cells while the unique formula also promotes natural fat cell destruction through excessive absorption of water. The destroyed fat cells are naturally biodegraded and excreted by the body.


Key Ingredients

  • Deoxycholic Acid: Bile acid naturally found in humans that destroys fat cells.


Main Benefits

  • Effectively reduces fat without surgery: A non-invasive treatment to destroy fat cells, without the use of surgeries such as liposuction. 
  • Double mechanism to induce fat cell destruction: Unique formula induces destruction of fat cells and stimulates natural destruction through excessive absorption of water.
  • Natural-looking, long-lasting results: As the fat cells are destroyed, the injected area will remain slim-looking for an extensive amount of time with proper weight maintenance.
  • No harmful side effects, severe pain, or long recovery: Although some post-procedure swelling or bruising is common, the injections do not leave any surgical scars and daily life can be resumed immediately after the procedure.


Where To Use?

Kabelline can be used to target local fat deposits and can be injected into the following areas

  • Chin (double chin)
  • Face
  • Back
  • Abdominal region (love handles)
  • Hips
  • Thighs


Treatment Protocol

Always shake vials well before use.

Please note: the product might contain particles, but this is natural for fat dissolving agents and the product is still safe to use. Read more.


  1. Recommended to use 2ml of solution when injecting in the face.
  2. Recommended to use 4-8ml of solution when injecting the body.
  3. Maximum dosage: up to 16ml per session.
  4. Repeat this treatment 3~6 times at a 1-week interval for optimal results.
  5. Kabelline can also be applied to the face using mesotherapy.


kabelline Treatment



Ingredients according to the MSDS: Water, Deoxycholic Acid, L-Carnitine Hydrochloride.


What’s Inside

5 vials / 8ml each


Storage Precautions

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Never heat or freeze this product.
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight.
  • This product is single-use only. Don’t keep if seal is broken.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there particles in Kabelline fat dissolver?

This is common and natural for all fat-dissolving products and is related to the ingredients being condensed during the manufacturing process. The particles do not affect the quality of the product, and the fat dissolver is safe to use.

What size needles should I use?

Use 12mm or 13mm needles to inject fat dissolvers. For thicker fat layers, such as in the abdominal region or on the thighs, the full depth of the needle can be pricked. Do not fully insert the needle when injecting into shallow fat deposits, such as the arms or face.

How often should I repeat the total treatment course?

After finishing the entire treatment course, wait 1 month to assess the effects of the fat dissolving injections. If you wish to further reduce the fat deposit, repeat the entire treatment course. 





    Taeter Tots
    Received package with a few business days. Unbelievably fast for international shipping. Can’t wait to try all my new products!
    I just did my second round on my belly and on my inner knees. Wow, I can already see a difference. It is for sure dissolving my stubborn fat I can't seem to shed. I will post more results with measurements when my treatments are finished. I will be ordering more. I'm not experienced in injecting and never would have thought of doing this but it was easy and painless. Definitely a winner!!!
    So, I was sent this link by my mother and I thought info another website that is nothing. But the more I looked up the products I saw people were actually using them with results. Not major ones but a help in areas that won’t go away! So I said what the heck!
    I ordered kabelline and needles. One I didn’t get it as fast as I was told online. It did take an extra few days. And I was not told that the needles I ordered were out of stock! Which was very disappointing. However, for the needles they did send them about a month later. I guess it’s on high demand.
    But going back to the kabelline…. I did see results within two weeks! I was blown away! My husband was even like what are u doing that you look great! I could feel my abs again. Of course I am working out and trying to eat healthier while doing all this! Take that in mind, it’s a lifestyle. I was looking for a little help so improve my results. Kabelline is actually pretty awesome! I don’t regret buying it at all! I am actually going to buy more for my back fat and double chin. I highly recommend it. But also put in the effort of doing your part to see even better results. You can’t take something without doing your part. Like lipo. You can get it done but if you to maintain it… it was a waist of money and pain. I will be ordering again!
    I really had no hopes or expectations for this product because I had seen some reviews where people said they did not see results. I did 5 vials in total in my abdomen region. I really had to double and triple check what I was seeing, because I DID see results, and great ones infact! I had this little pooch around my belly button that I wanted away. I used 3 vials total in this area. Now, it is as lean as the other areas of my stomach, perhaps leaner! My stomach has never ever looked this flat before. That being said, I didn't have a ton of fat to get rid of here (I'm already fairly lean), and that is likely why the results were so noticeable.

    I had also used a portion of those vials on my love handles (2 vials in total, one on each side). This area is much much thicker in fat. So far I can't really notice a difference there. But since the front of my stomach is very noticeably changed, I think there MUST be changes happening in my love handles — I just have a lot more to go till I can see the effects. My guess is that much thicker fat areas are really hard to see the results.

    I'm purchasing more Kabelline to target my love handles again, and hoping that with a few more vials I can start to see the results. In the end, I think the product works really well — much better than I expected. Hope this helped!
    Sierra Hart
    I have done 5 treatments so far, unfortunately I have not seen any results.
    I've had kybella done twice on my double chin and it made it disappear! But this is nothing like it. Super disappointed because I thought Viana Care was amazing, I'm now second guessing it.
    Vlada C
    Left a review a week ago and it was never posted. So I assume you guys don't post negative reviews? I just wanted to share my experience, I don't think it is fair and I ll make sure I leave that comment everywhere where Kabelline is mentioned;)
    Vlada G
    Honestly, it didn't do anything to me. I did 5 vials, one week apart each for chin and stomach and no difference… waste of money. I guess it I have to try Kybella to have results. Don't know where to buy it online though.
    Donna Harrison
    I ordered the package and it did arrive very quickly. Monday i will do the 1st round of injections in my abdominal area...i will leave an updated review as i do more sessions and let you know what kind of results i see…
    Tam T
    Ordered this product, great price and came very quickly. I did my first treatment yesterday and it was very easy and had no pain. Minimal swelling afterwards. Excited to see the final results!
    Not sure if i can trust the reviews because there are two different reviews on two different days with two different names yet the review is literally copied and pasted. I bought the products from here and the pen and will see how it goes.
    Kim Bryant
    I would love to try
    Loredana Boada
    This product really work it amazing! My double chin now is 50% less than was bf I’m just finish my 5th vial I have a lil bit and I’m going to finish this week end… I will buy more to add in my belly area I love Viana Care ❤️
    So far, so good! If I could post pics, I would. After one week, I could see marked results under my chin. I'm 65 and have some loose skin under there. I expected to see more loose skin after Kabelline, and I was right. But I am so happy that I can see signs of my jawline. I have always had a recessed chin, and developing the big swell under my chin just comes with she and genes. I have already ordered a Botox-like product and threads from Vianacare to take care of the loose skin and orange peel chin.

    So, a couple of days ago, I did another round of Kabelline--exactly one week from the first one. I don't see any big changes yet, but it's still early. In addition to my chin area, both this last time and the first time, I did my underarm and bra fat front and back. Oh happy Day! It works great and with none of the problems that accompany Kybella. I'll be able to wear sleeveless shirts this summer.

    Just for your reference, I'm not terribly overweight--168 pounds, 5'8". But I have a big swollen belly, so guess what's next?
    I have used Kabelline for three weeks so far. Today was my third time. I have been taking photos and carefully measuring angles and comparing my photos with the before treatment, and… yesterday, a week after using Kabelline for the second time, I could see my jawline. I also notice a big difference in the angle of my double chin, by at least 20 degrees! It is an incredible product! I have quite a bit of a double chin, probably not the best candidate for this, but even so, I notice a big difference already even after the first two treatments. Looking forward to next week to see the effects of the third! I started with 50 shots on my jowls and submental fat, but today I did 65 in order to go a bit towards the sides of the jaw line. According to what I have read online, you should not have more than 16 ml in the whole body, and no more than 8 ml per area. Today I did 1.5 ml in each jowl, and about 9 ml on my submental fat and neck (it is a very big area though). For sure I could not afford it at a doctor’s office considering how much submental fat I have, but doing this by myself has allowed me to have control over the treatments and actually afford all the sessions. I am not in a hurry! I’d rather work on this myself for a YEAR than try and do a lipo. *shudders* But based on what I am seeing, I think it will be less than a year for very good results on my 45 year old mug and pelican basket!

    Suggestion — get the yellow lidocaine container from Vianacare, apply to the skin beforehand, cover with Saran Wrap and wait for twenty minutes… wipe it off before adding the dots and sterilizing. I DON’T FEEL A THING SISTAH!

    65 pokes are like a soft Summer breeze!

    After I am done with the six sessions, I will wait a couple months to reassess and see if I need a little more. Meanwhile, I will try a couple spots on the body too. I purchased a derma roller and will be using it to try and build collagen under my chin area in order to help my skin retract, but am considering purchasing some of Vianacare’s threads to help the process along. That is my Summer project.

    I am so happy I heard about this site and the awesome products.

    Also, thank you so much for having delivery so quick even though it was December! Cheers!!!
    Love Love this product. I have used it on my belly and bra fat for the recommended time. It has diminished the fat in these areas so much! Take your time and be sure to follow the directions as provided here. I love Vianacare for its quality products and customer care! Always quick to answer my questions without hesitation. I also use the bruise gel sold here to apply after my treatments, it really makes a difference in the length of time for bruising to subside as well as swelling. A great combination for this treatment. Thank you Vianacare!
    I am on my 4th round of this product and I've got to say that I definitely noticed a difference after the second use. I am still in a bit of disbelief because maybe I am imagining it, but I will update after my 6th round. So far I really do think its working!
    Charlotte Maher
    I've used this product on my chin and it's got rid of my double chin, very happy with the results!
    Kybella burns and causes a tremendous amount of inflammation. This product (Kabelline) is not nearly as painful and causes zero to little inflammation and the best part is that it has the exact same active ingredient Deoxycholic Acid at a fraction of the cost. I have used it twice now on the face and body and am seeing AMAZING results. Great customer service and products. Highly recommended! #reviewofthemonth
    I have only used it once so far, but I am very happy with this product. Does not cause terrible swelling or burning pain like Kybella does.
    The order arrived very quickly, in good condition well protected in the package, Very good service.
    They respond quickly to costumers.
    Totally recommended.
    I used a discount code from a youtuber for kabelline. ;)

    This will be my list of sites to trusth.
    Karen Peel
    Kabelline is the bomb! I used this under my chin (as I have, or rather had, a double chin)! I also used it in my jowl area and it definitely slimmed down these areas of my face. The first few minutes after injection I felt a slight burning, nothing too bad. It subsided quickly. Then it felt like a «pulling» or tightening over the next few days indicating that something good was happening! I used all 5 vials for my chin and jowl area and I am very pleased with my results. I had some slight bruising and swelling, but nothing like I anticipated. I was afraid that I might have loose skin hanging, but even at 54 years of age I did not; It tightened right up and looks so much better! I would really recommend Kabelline! #ReviewOfTheMonth
    Bianca Chavez
    This is an overall good product for fat dissolving. I am in love with it!!! I was using scalp meso fat dissolving but Kabelline is so much better very happy with the product! #ReviewOfTheMonth
    Kybella burns and causes a tremendous amount of inflammation. This product (Kabelline) is not nearly as painful and causes zero to little inflammation and the best part is that it has the exact same active ingredient Deoxycholic Acid at a fraction of the cost. I have used it twice now on the face and body and am seeing AMAZING results. Great customer service and products. Highly recommended!
    This is an overall good product for fat dissolving and contouring in the lower face. Although it is deoxicholic acid, it is not on the same amount of dosage as Kybella in the US, therefore you will need many more vials to have the results of the correspondent Kybella treatment, on the good side Kabelline does not swell or hurt as much as Kybella does on the treated areas, so you don't have to hide for two weeks after treatment! This is a treatment that is injected in the face, so an experienced medical practitioner should do it. #ReviewOfTheMonth
    Good product… Its work on double chin
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