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It removes and restrains excess of fat e/g removal excess of fat after fat transplantation on face.
It helps excrete waste matter from the body by stimulating peripheral blood vessel and lymphatic glands.
Effective to reduce and lift up area such as nose, cheeks, marionette lines and double chin.
Effectively reduces 2-3 mm of fat at once use.
Remarkable change within 1-2 weeks with only 2-3 treatments - without a surgery.
It only takes 5 minutes for one treatment leaving almost no swelling or bruises. 


  • 29~32% decrease of edematous cellulite;
  • 45-50% decrease of soft cellulite;
  • 18~22% decrease of hard cellulite.

Main ingredients

  • Aesculus hippocastanum extract - it helps to improve blood circulation by accelerating blood wall tension and increasing blood flow of capillary vessels.
  • Pulsatilla vulgaris extract - It roots contain saponin which can make skin healthier. Its extract effects as antibacterial, detoxifying and antipyretic action. It helps soothe, brightens and makes the skin soft and supple. 
  • Furmaria Extract - Applying to skin can prevent the damage by air pollution such as ozone.


2ml * 10 vials


South Korea

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