Lipolytic Kabelline

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5 vials / 8 ml each
Deoxycholic Acid - FDA Approved Material in the USA
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Kabelline is a linear serum that forms a slender silhouette and reduces the amount of heavy fat. It is a complete analogue of the product Kybella, approved by the United States FDA. 
Main advantages
  1. The product makes it possible to get rid of the fat depots without surgical interference. 
  2. It does not have any side effects. 
  3. It removes any fat regardless of its type and area of application.
  4. After the injection the facial features become more natural and delicate; the body becomes shapely. 
  5. Unique formula allows dissolving normal fat cells, after which the evolving water is fully excreted from the body. 
Purpose of product usage
Kebelline is intended for removing fat depots and for forming more delicate facial features and silhouette. It can be an efficient supplement for patients fighting extra weight being a supplement to healthy diet and physical exercises.  
The basis of this cosmetological product is deoxycholic acid. It is a byproduct of human bile acid metabolism which is formed in the colon with the help of intestinal bacteria. 1 vial contains 8 ml of liquid with the synthesized active ingredient. One package contains 5 bottles.
Where to purchase the product
One can purchase Kabelline in our internet store for a beneficial price. Before purchasing the product consult a doctor about the amount of product required for the procedure. 
5 bottles 8 ml. each
200 g
    Karen Peel
    Kabelline is the bomb! I used this under my chin (as I have, or rather had, a double chin)! I also used it in my jowl area and it definitely slimmed down these areas of my face. The first few minutes after injection I felt a slight burning, nothing too bad. It subsided quickly. Then it felt like a «pulling» or tightening over the next few days indicating that something good was happening! I used all 5 vials for my chin and jowl area and I am very pleased with my results. I had some slight bruising and swelling, but nothing like I anticipated. I was afraid that I might have loose skin hanging, but even at 54 years of age I did not; It tightened right up and looks so much better! I would really recommend Kabelline! #ReviewOfTheMonth
    Bianca Chavez
    This is an overall good product for fat dissolving. I am in love with it!!! I was using scalp meso fat dissolving but Kabelline is so much better very happy with the product! #ReviewOfTheMonth
    Kybella burns and causes a tremendous amount of inflammation. This product (Kabelline) is not nearly as painful and causes zero to little inflammation and the best part is that it has the exact same active ingredient Deoxycholic Acid at a fraction of the cost. I have used it twice now on the face and body and am seeing AMAZING results. Great customer service and products. Highly recommended!
    This is an overall good product for fat dissolving and contouring in the lower face. Although it is deoxicholic acid, it is not on the same amount of dosage as Kybella in the US, therefore you will need many more vials to have the results of the correspondent Kybella treatment, on the good side Kabelline does not swell or hurt as much as Kybella does on the treated areas, so you don't have to hide for two weeks after treatment! This is a treatment that is injected in the face, so an experienced medical practitioner should do it. #ReviewOfTheMonth
    Good product… Its work on double chin
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