Lipolytic Lipo Lab PPC Solution

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10 vial / 10ml each
Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) - 1000 mg
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Lipo Lab PPC Solution – painless elimination of fat
Non-surgical liposuction becomes more and more popular every year. Lipo Lab PPC Solution manufactured in South Korea is one of the most efficient products in this sphere. It efficiently eliminates fat deposits and cellulite in different parts of body. 
Key Advantages
  1. No diets, exhaustible physical exercises, painful hardware procedures and surgery.
  2. Effect is visible just after the second injection of lipolytic.
  3. The result is stable.
The product is recommended to be used by mesotherapy as one of lipolysis methods in case of the following problems:
  • fat deposits;
  • cellulite.
Injections are recommended in case of small deposits and congestions of not more than degree 2.
Treatement Session
For the purpose of stable result, you should get 10–15 procedures with an interval of 2–3 weeks. The procedures can be combined with lymphatic drainage.
Where to Buy
This product can not be purchased in conventional stores. You can buy the product online. You can buy Lipo Lab PPC Solution in our supermarket at a good price because of direct supply from manufacturers. It is easy to order the product on the website by filling in a special form. The product is sent to the purchaser immediately after payment of invoice.
The product contains 2 active ingredients:
  • phosphatidylcholine (1,000 mg) – herbal raw material;
  • deoxycholate – bile element.
CSBIO Inc, South Korea.
    Lydia Appleby
    Lipo lax is a weight reduction solution, 10 /10 ml vials for easy use, I recommend using one every two weeks, expect a slight sting sensation immediately after for around 10 mins while the product gets to work, try to drink lots of water for 24 hrs after,… I've seen some great results from lipo lax and the skin is tight and smooth as well…
    Matukiewicz Malgorzata
    fantastic product, the best on the market. Easy to use and no swelling or pain after, I had a bit of bruising but it gone in a few days time. Also it has superb tightening qualities, my belly is slim and tighten after 3 treatments. I love Vianacare, speedy delivery by DHL, safe package and great quality product. Thank you so much.
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