Lipolytic V-K025

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VK 25 is an innovative product that helps to eliminate fat deposits in various parts and areas of the face. After the treatment with VK 25, all excessive deposits will fade away, while you will see a clear lifting effect for the skin, and your face will have astonishingly fine contours.

Key advantages

  1. The product helps to dissolve excess fat deposits of the skin while controlling the process of new fatty cells formation.
  2. One can see clearly visible results in just 7 days after the injection of VK 25. 
  3. The composition of the product stimulates the operation of peripheral blood vessels and the lymphatic system in order to perform thorough detoxification of the body.
  4. The process of VK 25 injection and distribution causes no pain, wounds or bruises. 

Purpose of the product

The doctor has to inject the product strictly to the subcutaneous fat layer by using 30g (13 mm) needle (using the entire length of the needle) at the angle of 45°. One needs to make new punctures at the distance of 1-1.15 cm. One shall perform immediate massaging of the puncture area immediately after distributing the product. 

Distribution zones:

  • cheek-bones;
  • the lower part of the chin;
  • cheeks;
  • the lower part of the ear;
  • nose.

In order to reach the slimming effect, one needs to perform at least 5 treatment sessions. It's recommended to wait for 7-10 days between the procedures. 

Where to buy

One can purchase VK 25 and other lipolytic products for the lower third of the face in our Viana shop. The product is stored in our warehouse in South Korea and we are always ready to ship it right away. We are able to deliver cosmetic medicine products to virtually any part of the world.


2 ml * 10 vials / box


South Korea

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