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Peptide rejuvenating complex
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VK+025 is a lipolytic product of the new generation that creates fine lines and contours of the body. The product stimulates the process of fat deposits destruction and overall slimming. The effect of the VK+025 injections was confirmed by a wide range of clinical studies performed in South Korea. 
Key advantages
  1. The natural composition of the VK+025 product efficiently dissolves fat cells in your body.
  2. The product is totally safe for the body.
  3. The product guarantees that you will see clear results and decreased volume of fat in just 10 days after the first treatment.
  4. The nonsurgical procedure of the product distribution allows avoiding scars, bruises, and swelling.
Purpose of the product
The product is intended to create a selective effect of excess fat deposits, as well as to block the process of new fatty cells synthesis. Key ingredients of the VK+025 restore the proper hydration of the skin while enforcing the blood vessels and supporting the collagen production process.   
Areas of administration:
  • shoulders;
  • the lower surface of the neck;
  • sides of the body (waist);
  • back;
  • inner and outer surfaces of the thighs;
  • patellar fat deposits;
  • area of the anterior abdominal wall.
The maximum dosage of the product is 2-12 ml. One needs to make new punctures at the distance of 2-2.5 cm.
Where to buy
VK+025 as any other injection lipolytic products can be bought in the Korean Viana supermarket. You can easily order the delivery of beauty products to virtually any country in the world.
8 ml * 5 vials / box
South Korea
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