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Program For A Perfect Body Line
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THESERA S KIT Original Lipolytic is a special product intended to eliminate excessive deposits that have been developed to be used in conjunction with the Hyaluron Pen . The set includes the lipolytic product itself, an attachment and an adapter that provides convenient and comfortable operation of any Hyaluron Pen model.  

Main advantages

  • Natural composition
  • No side-effects
  • Correction of the body shapes and face contours without injections and surgeries
  • High precision of administration and distribution of the product under the skin
  • No rehabilitation period
  • Visible results after the first treatment.

Purpose of the products

THESERA S is a truly versatile lipolytic product. It can be used to eliminate fat deposits all over the body: in the areas of hips, stomach, buttocks, legs, and arms. The product can be used as an efficient measure to remove fat deposits on the face: in the areas of the chin, cheeks, and cheekbones. THESERA S can be used to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite. The lipolytic product helps to destroy fat cells while providing a strong lifting effect, restoring the complexion of the skin and refining the contours and shapes of your body.

thesera s


How to use

The doctor can administer the product with injections or choose the non-invasive Hyaluron Pen technology. Clear slimming effect can be seen right after the first treatment. To reach full efficiency, one needs to make a series of at least five treatment sessions. Each new session can be carried out 2 weeks after the previous one. Apply 10 shots of 1 vial to one palm area in the body and facial area (cheeks and chin)
Results can be seen after 3 days. 

Main Ingredients

Thesera S contains natural fat decomposition compounds (Birch Bark Extract, Walnut Shell, Extract, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Fermented Pea Isoflavone, Water, etc.)

  • Horse chestnut seed extract (releases body waste and is an anti-inflammatory)
  • Walnut shell extract (increase the amount of beneficial brown fat, this creates heat by burning white fat and encourages your body to burn more fat)
  • Tyrosine (promotes decomposition of body fat)
  • Pea isoflavone extract (promotes weight loss and fat decomposition)


2 ml x 5 vials / box
Nozzle x 20 ea
Adapter x 1 ea


South korea
Please note that the product might contain particles, it's normal for fat dissolving agents. More on this here: link

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Lipolytic Lipo Lab and THESERA?

Lipolytic Lipo Lab is a slightly stronger product than THESERA, but it also has more side effects like bruising and swelling. THESERA helps with lifting, restoring the skin, contouring and eliminates fat as well. 

If there is Hyaluronidase in THESERA?

No, THESERA S does not contain Hyaluronidase. 
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