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5 vials / 10 ml. each
Horse chestnut extract, L-carnitine
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Super V-Line Sol is South Korean product intended for removing fat deposits from different facial zones. After the procedure the skin gets lifted and facial contours obtain delicate V-shape. 
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The chin lifting mask is a 30 minute non-surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of a double chin or a swollen face.

Main advantages

  1. Thanks to natural ingredients being product components it does not cause negative health reactions. 
  2. Removes fat deposits and lifts the skin simultaneously. 
  3. Speeds up regeneration and skin renewal processes.
  4. Ensures a long-lasting correction effect. 

Product purpose

It is used on contour plastics for correcting facial contours. Injections are made at the depth of 5 mm. Distance between punctures – 1 cm. 

Areas of injections:

  • Cheekbones;
  • Lower part of chin;
  • Cheeks;
  • Lower zone of ears.
At least 5 procedures are required to achieve desirable results. 1 week interval is required among the procedures. When dealing with significant issues the treatment course may be extended. 
It’s recommended to purchase the product after consulting with a cosmetologist. 

Where to purchase the product

Lipolytic Super-V-Line Sol can be purchased at a low price in “Viana” supermarket. The product is always in stock in South Korea. 

Composition and package

This lipolytic complex consists of purified water, thermophilus thermus, tyrosine, walnut fruit extract, L-carnitine, horse chestnut extract, sodium chloride.
It is released in 10 ml. vials. One package contains 5 vials. 


200 g


South Korea 
Please note that the product might contain particles, it's normal for fat dissolving agents. More on this here: link


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