PDO Doublearm 1 thread per package

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Velux Soft
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Velux Soft Mesothreads – trademark belonging to Viana Co., Ltd. 
High quality is guaranteed. 
When producing Velux Soft, we used the capacity of the most famous and high-technology factories in South Korea.  
Sufficient number of products in stock is guaranteed. Guaranteed availability of products in stock allows to process customers’ orders very quickly and to meet the delivery dates. 
Large variety of products 
Velux Soft combines a large variety of products that different in type, purpose of use and other parameters of PDO threads. 
Polydioxanone, a modern binding material is used to produce PDO threads. This material is normally used by surgeons for sewing together soft tissues. It diffuses inside the tissues within 180-210 days, does not cause any allergic reactions, and is nontoxic. Polydioxanone has high-tensile strength. During the diffusion it stimulates the formation of fibrous connective tissues. 
PDO (Polydioxanone)
Needle type
One package contains 1 thread
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