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Time Machine

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Cog Threads «Time Machine»
Cog threads (threads with cogs) Time Machine consist of polydioxanone (PDO) -  biodegradable biologically inert material which is an analogue to a sterile suture material widely used in surgeries. The number of cogs on the threads exceeds the number of cogs with similar threads in the market which ensures a visible and long lasting skin lifting. The effect becomes visible right after the procedure, and the result lasts 3-4 years. The thread cogs are located at an optimal angle which ensures the best possible result and minimizes chances of breakdowns during the implantation. 

Unlike filaments of the preceding generation (3D) products of Time Machine brand have the following advantages: 

  • Enlarged diameter thanks to which they lift and reliably keeps in the desired position a large number of tissues. This makes it possible to use them even with well severe age related defects. 
  • A wider range of possibilities for face modeling thanks to a larger number of cuts (2 times more than with analogues) of the product can fixate the subcutaneous tissue in any position. 
  • To achieve a strong rejuvenation effect the number of required 4D treads is 2-3 times less in comparison with 3D threads. 

Time Machine threads is a perfect alternative to plastic surgeries for those patients who do not wish to undergo surgeries but at the same time would like to preserve beauty and youthful look of the face and body. 

Please contact our manager to find out the price for separate nomenclature units. 
There are two carrier types – in needles and in cannulas. The surface is covered with polylactic acid which after setting the product makes a moisturizing effect on skin and soft tissues.  
Material the needles are made of is high quality medical steel that has increased placticity which makes it possible to perform any actions in tissues without the risk of breaking a needle. 

Size characteristics:

  • External diameter: 19, 21, 23 G
  • Length of threads – 110, 150 mm, length of needles – 60, 90, 100 mm.


Molding Cog
(Size UPS 3) Cannula W - 10 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
360 Cog
(Size UPS 1/1-0/2-0/3-0) Cannula L/W Smart -  4 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
(Size UPS 5-0) Cannula L – 10 pcs/package, 5 packages / box  
(Size UPS 2) Cannula L - 10 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
(Size UPS 30G,29G 6-0) - 20 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
(Size UPS 27G,26G 5-0) - 20 pcx/package, 5 packages / box 
(Size UPS 5-0)  Cannula L - 10 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
Eye Lift 
(Size UPS 6-0)  Cannula U - 20 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
Mono Thread 
(Size UPS 30G,29G 6-0) - 20 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
(Size UPS 27G,26G 5-0) - 20 pcs/package, 5 packages / box 
Weight: 170 g


SENSCO Co., Ltd. / South Korea 

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