Glow BB Ampoule No.21

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BB Glow Pigment Serum Ampoule No.21 is a powerful product that contains peptides and intended to be used with the "concealer for a year" cosmetological procedure. The product was developed by scientists from Korea in order to be used with the lightest skin complexion.

Key advantages of the product

  • The composition of the product includes a wide range of modern peptides.
  • The product contains no harmful or dangerous ingredients.
  • It provides a powdery effect without clogging the skin pores. 
  • The concealer effect will fade away slowly and evenly.
  • This product is the perfect option for the owner of the lightest skin.

Purpose of the product:

BB Glow Pigment Serum Ampoule No.21 is intended to create a porcelain tone of the skin. The wide range of procedures with the serum can be used to moisturize the skin, hide pigmentation and eliminate even the tiniest wrinkles and fine lines while providing the natural glow of the healthy skin. Depending on the personal features and the lifestyle the effect of the serum can last up to one year.

Description and composition

BB Glow Pigment Serum Ampoule No.21 contains the lightest pigment for skin concealing. In addition to the aesthetic feature, the procedure that involves the usage of the serum helps to fight with age-related changes and inflammations of the face skin. The product restores the proper operation of the sebaceous glands, soothing the skin and stimulating collagen production.

Where to buy

Cosmetologists are able to order BB Glow Pigment Serum Ampoule No.21 in the Korean Viana supermarket. We provide fast shipping of the original products to any location all around the world.


7 ml * 10 vials / box


South Korea

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