Glow BB Ampoule No.27

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BB Glow Pigment Serum Ampoule No.27 is an efficient Korean product intended to fight with imperfections of the facial skin. This product can be used with the "concealer for a year" procedure. This is the darkest shade in the product range.

Purpose of the product

BB Glow Ampoules are used to protect the skin of the face and create even and attractive complexion. The product allows decreasing the pigmentation and restoring the natural color of the skin. This unique product provides an amazing effect that lasts for up to 12 months.

Description and composition

In addition to the pigments intended to adjust the shade of the skin, the product contains a powerful set of peptides. Thanks to the unique composition of the product, all cosmetological procedures with BB Glow Ampoule No.27 provide clear shading effect while moisturizing the skin, removing the glossy slow and eliminating the fine lines and tiny wrinkles.

Key advantages of the product

Procedures with BB Glow Ampoule No.27 can be used to:

  • decrease the production of melanin;
  • eliminate free radicals;
  • decrease pigmentation;
  • create more even skin complexion;
  • regenerate skin cells;
  • provide clear contouring effect.

Where to buy

The entire range of BB Glow Serum can be found in our online supermarket. The shipping of all the products from Seoul takes from 3 to 5 working days.


7 ml * 10 vials / box


South Korea

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