Kissum Lip Tint

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KISSUM lip tint is the hyaluronic serum with the make-up effect. This product is intended to be used during the frictional mesotherapy in order to moisturize, rejuvenate and bring more youth and color to the lips.
Key advantages
There's no need to use the lipstick on a daily basis. KISSUM lip tint is considered the new era in the world of permanent makeup. In fact, this is one of BB Glow serums adjusted to be used with the lips. In addition to the moisturizing effect and elimination of fine lines, KISSUM lip tint provides a strong lipstick application effect.

The serum gives a bright natural shade to the lips. The product can be administered using two different methods in order to create the effect of "deeply kissed" lips or create some additional volume as in the case with the regular lipstick. The product has the lightest texture ever, thus you won't feel it on your lips.
The purpose of the product:
  • Bring more color to the lips;
  • Moisturize lips;
  • Increase the natural volume;
  • Remove fine lines around the lips.
How to use
At the beginning of the treatment, one needs to use a special peeling cream included in the set. After that, one needs to use the DermaPen tool to administer a required shade of the serum. This procedure is totally safe and painless. At the final stage, the lips are covered with a special finish.
It's recommended to make 3-5 procedures making a break of 2 weeks between them. One needs 1 ml of the product for one session. The effect may last up to 6 months.
Where to buy?
KISSUM lip tint pigmented serum can be easily found in Viana supermarket. We are ready to ship all the products worldwide in just 2-6 days.
10 ml * 6 vials / box
South Korea
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