MD Miraculous MESO BB 21

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The mineral pigments contained in the formula cause immediate equalization of the uneven color of the skin and give it a healthy glow.

The rich conditioning composition of the product provides an additional effect of strong bio-revitalization and rejuvenation of the skin.

Is the most nutrient-rich natural BB serum available on the market.

It does not contain parabens, benzophenones and artificial colors. Formula free of animal and mineral oils. Contains skin-friendly natural oil.

It combines a high concentration of coloring, conditioning and rejuvenating ingredients.

BB No. 21 - the most ampoule in the palette dedicated to people with phototype II. Ensure the strongest illumination and brightening of the skin. Also dedicated to the correction of bruising in the lower area.

It contains:
  • 8 biomimetic peptides with whitening and anti-aging effects.
  • Hyaluronic acid.
  • Plant stem cells from grapes.
  • Centella asiatica extract.
  • Extract of witch hazel.
  • Niacinamide and adenosine with a brightening and moisturizing effect.
  • Glutathione and carnosine.
  • Patented natural multi-component protector.
  • Live Lactobacillus bacteria cultures.
  • Phytohormones soy.
  • Extract and vegetable oils.


5 ml * 10 vials / box


South Korea

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