Human placenta extract Laennec 10 ampoules

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Laennec – healthy skin and body
Laennec is the first placental medical product developed in Japan in the middle of the last century. It was first used for therapeutic procedures on liver issues, and later for treating other organs and body systems (80 illnesses total). Later on based on this product there were created similar drugs that are successfully used in esthetic medicine. Now it belongs to the line of cosmetological products and is used for regeneration and rejuvenation of skin layers. 

Main advantages

  1. It has a comples effect on the problem – prevents ageing, removes acne, scars, pigment spots.
  2. Stimulates cell renewal processes and components of extracellular matrix. 
  3. The price for Laennec is lower than for 2nd generation products which explains its popularity. 
  4. It is well tolerated and safe for the body. 
  5. Makes the body healthier in general. 

Product purpose

The product is used in beauty salons to prevent ageing, correct esthetic defects and restore skin after chemical or apparatus procedures and plastic surgeries. The list of all illnesses which the product helps to treat can be found in the instruction manual. 

Types of injections

The product can be injected in several ways:
  • Intramusculary once in 2 days (10 injections);
  • Intravenuously by drop infusion twice a week (10 infusions);
  • Pharmacoapuncturely 2-3 times a week (15 sessions).
The last type consists of injecting micro-dosages along acupuncture lines. 


Placental injections postpone cell ageing, improve complexion, function of oil glands, lighten pigment spots, smooth wrinkles, reduces inflammations. The product speeds up healing of tissues after plastic surgeries and apparatus rejuvenation procedures, prevents formation of scars, and prevents infections. 

Description and composition

Japanese product Laennec is an injectable solution in ampoules. The active ingredient is hydrolyzate of human placenta. Among the medical substances are: 
  • cell growth factors;
  • cytokines;
  • amino acids;
  • minerals, vitamins;
  • low molecular weight proteins.


Hydrolyzate of human placenta 112 mg. / 1 ampoule 


10 ampoules of 2 ml
Weight: 70 g

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