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Laennec — healthy body and skin

Laennek is the first placental medication developed in Japan in the middle of previous century. Initially, doctors use it with respect to hepatic diseases, later – for treatment of other organs and body systems (in total, more than 80 diseases). Thereafter, it became a basis for similar medications which are successfully used in aesthetic medicine. Currently, it is also used for skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Key Advantages

  1. The product affects a target problem in a comprehensive manner, inhibits aging, eliminates acne, scars, pigmented spots.
  2. It induces body's own processes of regeneration of cells and extracellular matrix components.
  3. Price for Laennec is lower than for second-generation products. That is why it is so popular.
  4. The product is well tolerated, safe for human body.
  5. It strengthens health in general.

Application of Product

Beauty salons use the product to prevent aging, eliminate aesthetic defects and recover skin after chemical, hardware procedures or plastic surgery. See the product instruction for a list of all diseases for which the product is recommended to be used.

Injection Methods

The product can be injected by one of the following methods:
  • intramuscularly, every other day (10 injections);
  • by intravenous fluid drip infusions, twice a week (10 infusions);
  • by pharnaco-acupuncture, 2–3 times a week (15 procedures).
The third method implies injection of product micro-doses along acupuncture lines.


Placental injections inhibit aging of cells, improve complexion, oil gland function, whiten pigmented spots, improve wrinkles and eliminate inflammation. If the product is used after plastic surgery or hardware rejuvenation procedures, it induces recovery of tissues, prevents scars and infections.

Description and Ingredients

Japanese product Laennec is an injection solution packed in ampules. Its active ingredient is human placenta hydrolyzate.

The treatment solution also includes:

  • cell growth factors;
  • cytokines;
  • amino acids;
  • minerals, vitamins;
  • low molecular weight proteins.

Where to Buy

The placental medication is certified in the Russian Federation in 2003. Thus, sale of this product is officially approved. You can find the product in drug-stores. However, the product is not sold in all of the Russian towns. Thus, it is often ordered from Moscow or purchased in web-stores. You can see the price specified on websites of intermediaries or online pharmacy.
It is advantageous to buy Laennec from the Korean supermarket Viana because the product is delivered from South Korea and is always stock available. You can easily order the product using a special form on the website. An order will be sent to the purchaser immediately after payment.


Human placenta hydrolyzate (112 mg / 1 ampule)


50 ampules (2 ml per ampule)


JBP Co. / Japan

Weight: 300 g

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