Human placenta extract Melsmon

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Melsmon – natural rejuvenation

Melsmon is a Japanese placental product which is used in different medical spheres for more than fifty years. Clinical practice and additional studies detected unique characteristics of the product which makes skin healthier and inhibits processes of its aging. Currently, this product and its analogues are considered to be the most efficient anti-aging products.

Key Advantages

  1. Rejuvenates body from the inside, induces natural process of cell regeneration.
  2. Price for Melsmon is lower than for similar second-generation products.
  3. It can eliminate almost all of aesthetic defects, skin and hair problems.
  4. It strengthens health in general.

Application of Product

Cosmetologists use injections of this product in case of the following problems:
  • wrinkles, tired skin, irregular complexion;
  • pigmentation, acne, post-acne, couperosis;
  • eye bags and dark under-eye circles;
  • enlarged pores, oil gland disorder.


Melsmon is injected intramuscularly every other day. Treatment session includes 10 injections. In case of serious aesthetic defects, you can repeat a treatment session in one month. Rejuvenation effect remains for at least one year.

Where to Buy

You can buy Melsmon on our website. The product is registered in the Russian Federation as a drug. Thus, sale of this product is officially approved. We make delivery to Moscow and other Russian regions. 
The most advantageous way is to order and buy placental products from direct vendors such as our web-store. We deliver aesthetic medicine products from Korea. Thus, overpayment and falsification of products are excluded. You can order the product on our website by any way convenient to you. An order will be sent to the purchaser on the day of payment.


The product is manufactured by Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Japan. The product's main ingredient is human placenta hydrolyzate. The solution is packed in ampules of 2 ml. The ampules are packed in carton boxes (10 or 50 ampules per a box).

Weight: 300 g

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