Anti-Aging Peptide Set

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Anti-Aging Peptide Set is an innovative complex for mesotherapy intended to be used in conditions of your home. This is a real alternative to professional beauty injections. By using this unique set, one is able to get clear rejuvenation effect without injections, numerous side-effects, pain, and continuous rehabilitation. Important information: Anti-Aging Peptide Set is a professional and ultramodern skincare product that allows you to avoid visiting your cosmetologist. Discover care procedure that brings only pleasure and causes no discomfort at all.

This unique set action is intended to fight with the key signs of the aging as well as many other facial skin problems. Anti-Aging Peptide Set consists of the peptide cocktail, Nefer TI TI Product and Hydra Roller professional dermaroller. The unique cocktail offered within the set consists of the high-molecular hyaluronic acid in conjunction with several peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and coenzymes.

Before now, cosmetologists all over the world were able to administer the Nefer TI TI Product only by using painful injections. Thanks to the creation of the innovative Derma Roller, one is able to use the wide range of professional products in the comfortable conditions of their home together with the regular skincare products. One can just use the roller all over the skin surface in order to create a huge number of micro punctures. These micro punctures will deliver the skincare product right under the skin. At the same time, the high efficiency of the peptide cocktail is supported not only by the ability of the product to reach the deepest layers of the skin but by the process of natural regeneration of the skin performed by the body after the usage of the Derma Roller.

Key advantages

  • The procedure of the product administration is totally painless and even enjoyable.
  • This set was intended to be used at home because the administration of the product can be made without injections.
  • The Nefer TI TI peptide cocktail consists only of the natural ingredients, which are safe for your health.
  • The product provides a complex effect for the skin allowing you to enjoy long-lasting results.
  • Derma Roller can easily replace traditional injections allowing you to forget about severe side-effects as well as about the long and tiring rehabilitation.
  • This set is the optimal choice for sensitive skin as well as for the owners of the swelling skin, who suffer from edema.
  • The usage of the meso roller stimulates the production of collagen within the body.

Purpose of the product

Anti-Aging Peptide Set shall be used to eliminate age-related changes in the skin of your face and body: it helps to fight with wrinkles, ptosis, weakness, and pigmentation of the skin.Procedures with this set shall be applied to the face, the neck and the outer surface of arms.

The active substances of the cocktail affect the fibers of the skin, significantly increasing the production of the extracellular matrix components, as well as metabolism and renewal of the skin. The hyaluronic acid restores the proper water balance, thus moisturizing the skin. After performing a series of procedures with Anti-Aging Peptide Set, your skin will look smooth, firm, healthy and fresh.

Conditions of use and instructions

One is able to find a detailed usage protocol and user's manual by downloading the following FILE

Anti-Aging Peptide Set consists of the Nefer TI TI Peptide Cocktail (5 ampoules x 2.5ml) and Hydra Roller meso roller (1 pc). The length of the needles of the Hydra Roller in 0.5mm.

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