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FAT BURNING SET FOR BODY is the most advanced product intended to fight with the fat deposits of your body. It offers a unique combination of the most advanced indirect VK025 lipolytic and the most modern needleless Hyaluron Pen Black Plus tool intended to administer skincare products without injections. This set is able to remove excess of fat in virtually any area of the body while fighting with the first signs of cellulite. First results can be seen in just 7 days after the treatment.   

The key advantage of the Hyaluron Pen usage in case of lipolytic is the proper depth and correct distribution of the product in the fat deposits right under the skin without damaging the surface. Thanks to the high pressure, after administering, the lipolytic product to the fat deposit, it will affect the area of 2 by 2 centimeters, providing even and accurate action. Such results can't be achieved by using traditional needles.


FAT BURNING SET FOR BODY is the best solution to get rid of fat deposits in the following areas:

  • shoulders;
  • the back surface of the neck;
  • sides;
  • hips;
  • patellar fat deposits;
  • stomach.

Key advantages

VK025 lipolytic product for the body consists of natural ingredients and is totally safe. This product affects fat cells by decomposing them and removing from the body using natural ways. First results can be seen in just 7-10 days after the treatment. The product will not only remove the excess of fat but will start controlling the number of new fat cells.

FAT BURNING SET FOR BODY allows losing weight without pain. Excessive centimeters will fade away without surgical procedures and usage of needles. Your cosmetologist is able to administer the product to the fat deposits under the skin by using the most powerful model of the Hyaluron Pen. The procedure has no side-effects and complications. Furthermore, no rehabilitation is required. By using the needleless injector in a proper way, one is able to avoid bruises, swelling, and scars.

Conditions of use and instructions

One is able to find a detailed usage protocol and user's manual by downloading the following FILE

Set includes

  1. Hyaluron Pen Black Plus * 1 ea
  2. VK025 lipolytic  8 ml * 5 vials 
  3. Ampoules 0,3 Cartridges * 5 ea
  4. Ampoules 0,5 Cartridges * 5 ea
  5. Adapter 0,3 * 1 ea
  6. Adapter 0,5 * 1 ea 


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