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Multi-Purpose Light Hyaluron Pen Filler Kit is an efficient set created to correct the wrinkles and perform the volume contouring of the face. The composition of the product is based on the Meline Deep filler and the needle-less Hyaluron Pen Black device.

Indications to use

Multi-Purpose Light Hyaluron Pen Filler Kit can be used on all parts of the face except the lachrymonasal duct. This set can be used during the contour plastic surgery in order to eliminate the wrinkles of the medium depth, remove folds and create additional volume for the lips. In general, it's used in the lower third of the face. This is an efficient solution to eliminate nasolabial and glabellar wrinkles, as well as pinches. It's recommended for the patients from the 18+ age group as well as the people with thin and delicate skin.


Meline Deep is multi-purpose dermal filler. The product is a liquid dense gel that contains the stabilized hyaluronic acid. All procedures are totally painless. The product creates no complexities and supports full bio-degradation. The result of the cosmetological procedure can last up to 10 months after the treatment.
Meline Deep filler is administered in the medium dermal layers of the skin. For many years, this product was administered only with G27 needle. Today we can forget about the painful methods of substance administration. Multi-Purpose Light Hyaluron Pen Filler Kit is equipped with the most modern Hyaluron Pen Black injector. This device was developed for the domestic market of South Korea. It's more powerful than all other similar devices. One can easily use it to distribute the products with a density of 18-24 mg/ml.

How to use

How to use Multi-Purpose Light Hyaluron Pen Filler Kit


The set is delivered in a form of a syringe with the filler inside. The product contains 20 mg of the hyaluronic acid per 1 ml, as well as 3% lidocaine.
Hyaluron Pen Black is a metal device that has black color and creates a pressure of 3.5 bars. The speed of the filler administration is 800 km/h. The depth of administration is in the range from 5 to 18 mm.

Set includes

  1. Hyaluron Pen * 1 ea
  2. Meline Deep * 3 ea
  3. Ampoules Cartridges * 5 ea
  4. Adapter * 1 ea 


South Korea

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