Rejuvenation Treatment Set

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Hyaluron Pen Skin Booster Kit
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Rejuvenation Treatment Set is an efficient complex intended to be used during the face biorevitalization treatment. The set contains the needleless Hyaluron Pen Silver device as well as the modern Regenovue Aqua Shine biorevitalizing agent based on the non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a density of 15 mg/ml.
Purpose of the product
Rejuvenation Treatment Set shall be used to perform immediate skin rejuvenation. The administration of the product can be made virtually all around the face, including eye, mouth, eyebrows, forehead, nasolabial folds and chin zones. Rejuvenation Treatment Set can also be used to correct the neck zone and the visual state of the arms.
The procedures with this set are recommended in the following cases:
  • lack of hydration and dry skin;
  • the appearance of surface wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores;
  • pigment spots and freckling.
Regenovue Aqua Shine Biorevitalizing Agent is one of the most popular products based on hyaluronic acid. It shall be used to rejuvenate the skin of the face and the neck. Clearly visible results of the product administration can be seen immediately after the treatment process.
The effect of the procedure lasts for up to 3-4 months. Previously, Aqua Shine was used mainly to perform so-called beauty injections, while the modern technologies allowed administering the product at high pressure without pain and skin punctures. By using the Hyaluron Pen Silver injector, one is able to deliver the biorevitalizing agent right under the skin making almost no harm, which is truly important for those with the skin tending to form scars and connective tissue.
Hyaluron Pen Silver is a needleless injector that is the perfect solution for biorevitalizing agent administration. Thanks to the high pressure of the device, one is able to deliver the substance right under the skin without making a single injection. Such a method increases the speed of the biorevitalizing agent even distribution. At the same time, Hyaluron Pen creates the same level of the agent administration as the traditional injection. One can deliver the agent to a depth of 2.5 – 3 mm.
How to use

Rejuvenation Treatment Set - How to use

Important information
Please note that one shall not use the set during pregnancy and lactation period. Furthermore, it’s not allowed to use the set in case of acute infection, diabetes, clinical autoimmunity, oncologic problems and allergic reactions caused by the components of Regenovue Aqua Shine.
Features and characteristics
The set is equipped with a truly versatile Hyaluron Pen Silver device and 3 Regenovue Aqua Shine (each of them has the volume of 3 ml).
Each set also includes the following elements:
  • Adaptive cartridge – 5 pc. One needs to fill the cartridge until the 30 guide-mark. In order to fill it with Regenovue Aqua Shine, one needs to remove the tip from the syringe with the biorevitalizing agent, remove the shaft from the cartridge and use it to fill the cartridge with a required amount of the substance. After that, one needs to install the shaft and put the cartridge into the device.
Set includes
  1. Hyaluron Pen Black Plus * 1 ea
  2. Biorevitalizant Regenovue Aqua Shine 3 syringes 3ml each * 1 ea
  3. Ampoules 0,3 Cartridges * 5 ea
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