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5 syringes / 2.5 ml. each
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Aragan contains hyaluronic acid which can help to postpone the natural aging process, smooth wrinkles and to eliminate skin dryness and sagging. This bio-revitalizer is manufactured in South Korea
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Crystal 5-Pin Multi Needle 32g 2.0 mm 1ea
A five-pin needle Crystal 5-Pin Multi Needle has been made for ensure quick and painless injectable cosmetological procedures. Five-pin needles are used in injectable mesotherapy methods for improving health condition, rejuvenation of skin in the areas of face, body and head."

Main advantages:

-The low molecular weight of the products allows for the product to easily penetrate deep into the skin’s dermal layers.

-Hyaluronic acid moisturizes, stimulates the production of collagen, and increases the natural processes of rejuvenation.

-Long-lasting effect. 


Product Purpose:

The bio-revitalizer «Aragan» is used to compensate for the lack of liquids in the areas of the face and neck. While this product can be used by anyone, patients older than 35 or 40 years whose skin starts to experience excessive sagginess, dryness, and formation of wrinkles would benefit the most from this product.

Areas of application:

  • Around the eyes
  • Forehead
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Neck 


The procedure consists of several injections. One course requires from 4 to 6 injections made with a 10-day interval. In case of excessively dry or sagged skin it is possible to perform additional therapeutic procedure 1 time a month. 


One 2,5 ml. syringe contains 25 mg/ml of sodium hyaluronate. Syringes are packed in a box containing 5 syringes. All of which are optimal for completing the course of treatment. 

Product ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate – 25 mg)


Compact package containing 5 syringes 2,5 ml. each


200 g


Aragan / South Korea


    It’s amazing. I used the crystal needle at first because it came with it but I was losing product and 2 of the needles became clogged after I used it. So I screwed on the meso tips and it was amazing. I put it freehand on my forehead and my cheeks. My face became smoother and tighter. It’s a little hard to push into my face without the crystal needle tip and I didn’t numb however, it’s like a slight pinch. The product is amazing itself. My injection technique sucks and since it was the first time using the crystal needle I probably used it wrong. Overall I love this product. I wish the syringe had a little more of a tip at the sides so that my fingers could grab onto it better to push the product inside but other than that it’s amazing. My forehead was getting these fine lines and no matter how much chemical peels I was using it wasn’t going away. I’ve only done 2 treatments and I can’t wait to see what the full course looks like. I love it.
    Overview of results:
    — Used this product to perform mesotherapy on one of half of my face to see how the results would look and it made really nice subtle differences. The differences included plumping of the overall skin area, sense of hydration, slight increase in firmness, softening of lines. Completed the other half of the face to ensure there is symmetry.

    — Washed face and then applied numbing cream, waited 20 minutes for the cream to numb the facial area. Washed the product off and sanitised the skin using alcohol wipes. I then lined out a grid pattern all over the face using a white eyeliner. This ensures that there is even product distribution to all areas of the face and provided guidelines for meso injections. Used the EZ injector for product distribution all over the face. Its worth noting that when performing mesotherapy there will be tiny bumps all over the skin for approx 48 hours. These will disappear as the non-cross linked hyaluronic acid starts to sink into the skin.

    EZ injector settings:
    — I performed meso using the EZ injector with the following settings:

    Syrine: 5CC
    Mode: Dose
    Amount: 50uL
    Speed: 2

    what can I say it's HA. it does what HA is supposed to.
    Sarah Couture
    Sooo refreshing!!!
    I have using it with a dr.pen and the results was impressive.
    Kate C
    This was the first product I tried using to do mesotherapy on my neck to reduce wrinkles and sagging. I found it really helped nicely plump up the skin and do away with the lines I was starting to form. It comes with the syringe and the 5 needle head. It's very easy to attach and go ahead. I bought spare 5-needle heads incase I found the sharpness of the needle to dull, but luckily didn't need to attach a new head to finish my neck and my marionette lines. I loved how easy it was to inject, you knew how far it needed to go in as the 5-needle head stops it from going far in so you don't have to think about it. I started by cleaning the area with alcohol after washing my face, then with gloves, I attached the needle to the 5-pin (it simply screws on) and nicely and easily (without numbing as it's not needed — it doesn't hurt!) put all over my neck and along my marionette lines. When I was finished, I used alcohol wipes to clean the areas and away I went. No bleeding, you can see little bumps (this is normal) and I just massaged them at first and they were gone on their own within 24 hours. Very easy and the supply is more than enough. So every 10 days I would do another round and voila! Super easy and doesn't take any hassle to figure out what to do. I hope this helps anyone considering this product :) #ReviewOfTheMonth
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