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Regenovue Aqua Shine produced by Neogenesis Co., Ltd. will be a perfect solution for patients who have excessively dry skin. It instantly fills the skin with water, makes it elastic and radiant. 

Main advantages:

  1. It has a high safety level.
  2. It quickly restores water balance.
  3. It contributes to collagen and elastin synthesis. 
  4. Result lasts up to 4 months. 

Product purpose

Regenovue Aqua Shine is used for bio-revitalization. It contributes to quick rejuvenation, adds a fresh look to the face and neck. Injections are made into different areas: eyes, mouth, brows, forehead, nasolabial folds, and chin. 

The following issues may act as indications to using the product:

  • Excessive dryness, dehydration, reduced skin tone;
  • Small surface wrinkles;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Pigment spots, freckles.

A noticeable result appears right after the injection. The skin becomes bright, elastic and smooth to the touch. 


The product should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. Procedures are prohibited in presence of acute infections, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, allergy to the components of bio-revitalizant. 

Swellings or bruises may appear after the injections. Side effects usually disappear within a few days. 

Where to purchase the product

It’s possible to purchase this bio-revitalizant at a favorable price through our website. We deliver cosmetological products directly from South Korea to any part of the world avoiding all the agent fees. 

Description and composition

Regenovue Aqua Shine is released in the form of a syringe filled with 3 ml.solution.3 syringes are packed in one box. The basis of a bio-revitalizant is native (not cross-linked) hyaluronic acid 15 mg./ml. One of the active ingredients is phosphatic buffer solution 7,0 pH.

Weight: 60 g



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