Biorevitalizant Yvoire Hydro

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Yvoire Hydro – active moisturizing 

Yvoire Hydro belongs to the product line of a famous Korean manufacturer LG Life Sciences. This bio-revitalizer actively moisturizes the skin, prevents its aging, smoothes small lines. 

Main Advantages

Yvoire Hydro is quite popular with beauty specialists due to the following factors:
  1. High concentration of hyaluronic acid allows active hydration of tissues regardless of the procedure technique.
  2. Plasticity and low density contribute to an even product penetration within the deep epidermal layers.
  3. The gel formula keeps hyaluronic acid in the dermal layers up to 2 weeks. This makes it possible to stimulate fibroplasts, and as a result, effect of youth and skin radiance is visible after the very first procedure.
  4. It can be combined with practically all other rejuvenation techniques and can even supplement some of them.
  5. Only 3 injections can be made to ensure a long-lasting effect.
  6. The effect lasts for 1 year. 

Purpose of product use

Bio-revitalizer Yvoire Hydro is intended for injection treatment procedures. Bio-revitalization is performed in case the following problems are present: 
  • Dryness, dehydration, and laxity of the skin
  • Surface lines, small line, “crows feet”
  • Skin traumatization under the influence of external unfavorable factors, or some cosmetological procedures. It is often recommended before performing some plastic surgeries or machine cosmetology treatment. 

Treatment course

The product is injected intradermally 3 times once in 2 weeks. 

Product form

Filler Yvoire Hydro is manufactured in the form of a 1 ml. syringe filled with gel consisting of high molecular hyaluronic acid in a high concentration of 20 mg/ml. 

Where to purchase the product

Yvoire Hydro can be purchased through the internet-shops. The average prices can be found with the trading companies. It’s more profitable to purchase the product at the Korean supermarket “Viana” designed for beauty industry. In this case the product will be supplied directly from Korea. In order to purchase the product fill in a special form or call our specialist.

Product composition:

Sodium hyaluronate — 20 mg/ml
Phosphate buffer (pH 7,1) – up to 1 ml


1 x 1 ml (30Gx2)

Weight: 60 g


LG Chem / South Korea

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