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PDRN 100 000 ppm / 5 ml
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In the presence of trace substances that exists in a new organizations such as the placenta.
Optimized materials that obtained from salmon sperm cells for metabolic activity and regeneration.
Maximum PDRN titer in the similar PDRN cosmetic products, 100,000ppm / 5ml
3times more than other PDRN Cosmetics (ex. Other brand 20,000ppm / 3ml)
  • Pore Improvement Effects;
  • Improves the skin elasticity (anti-wrinkle);
  • Whitening, Skin Tone Improvement.
  • Long lasting regenerative works for 2~3weeks
  • Mass capacity (Total 25ml) for 10 ~ 15 times treatment
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration Effects (KFDA Approval) Ensure The Clinical Validity of Musculoskeletal Disorders.
  • SAFETY. Substances present in the body (Nucleic Acid). Ensure the safety occurs no adverse reactions in the body.
  • EXPANDABILITY. Applicable in intractable degenerative diseases. Applicable for a variety of purposes such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Functional Foods.
How to Use
Extract Clapio cell and move it into the syringe
Apply certain amount of Clapio Cell on target skin and rub it by cotton swab for absorbing into the skin well
For Wrinkle Care
  • Inject each 0.1cc following to wrinkle line;
  • Injection distance have to be almost near up;
  • Apply mix Clapio Cell 5CC + HA 1CC + Botox 20U.
For using a Penetration Device into the skin 
  • Open the pore on face using by High Frequency Instrument;
  •  Insert 2~ 2.5ml Clapio Cell by injector;
  •  Need Repeat procedure 2-3days.
5 veils* 5ml/ box
250 g
South Korea
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