Miracle L (1vial)

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PCL 20%
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Miracle L is a product that contains polycaprolactone colloid solution (PCL). This biodegradable polyester has been used in medicine as dissolvable stitches. While being synthetic, it will be fully dissolved by the body. In cosmetology, it is used as an efficient collagen restorer. Not only does Miracle L diminishes facial wrinkles, it also stimulates the collagen production in the skin and provides natural beauty for more than a year. 
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miracle L



Main Advantages:

  • Polycaprolactone has been approved by FDA
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for rejuvenation if allergic to hyaluronic acid 
  • Restores natural volume of tissues by stimulation of collagen regeneration 
  • Does not contain micro-particles 
  • Has a long lasting effect – over 1 year.  

Miracle L

Product Purpose

Miracle L is used in mesotherapy for lifting in the areas of face, back of hands, and chest area. The product is injected into the dermis with a 31 g needle, 4 mm, by creating multiple small punctures.  
A similar product to Miracle L is Miracle H, which contains PCL + HA and it's main purpose is to improve skin hydration and collagen rejuvenation.


  • Moisturization
  • Improvement of tissue tone and elasticity
  • Smoothing small wrinkles
  • Lifting
  • Brightening and improvement of complexion 
The main course consists of 3-4 sessions with a 4-week break. To maintain results, it’s necessary to carry out the procedure once a year. 


It is packaged in vials of 2 ml. Contains a concentration of 20% PCL. 
Polyethyleneglycol, water, glycerin, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium lactate , sodium pyroglutamic acid , polycaprolactone


30 g


South Korea

Frequently asked questions

My Miracle L vial was delivered but it is only half full, why?

The vial contains the right amount of Miracle L, namely 2 mg. 

What is the best way to withdraw Miracle L from the bottle?

Use a normal syringe to gather the drug from the bottle and use a meso needle to inject Miracle L. 

How many units should be injected per injection point?

It is recommended to inject between 3-5 units per injection point.


    This product really good and work, easy to use with 4mm Needle.
    Don’t need to numb the area either, good to use around the eye area too
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