Nefer Ti Ti

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Peptide Cocktail in vials
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The Nefer TI TI peptide cocktail is a powerful product that halts in the process of age-related changes and various skin problems. The unique formula of the product consists of peptide complex, coenzymes, amino acids, high molecular hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals. It can be purchased as in ampoules, as well as in ready-to-use syringes.
Main advantages
  • Natural composition
  • Professional care for aging skin
  • Easy use
  • Guaranteed results
Purpose & Product Usage
The Nefer TI TI peptide cocktail is used in the field of mesotherapy in order to eliminate wrinkles and sagging of the skin as well as ptosis and pigmentation. Injections are administered to the face, the neck and the hands.
Ingredients of this product provide an adequate stimulation of the fibroblasts while significantly increasing the production of collagen. It also improves metabolism, activates cell regeneration, restore the water balance and provides a clear whitening effect.
After the treatment, the skin looks resilient and glowing, while having no wrinkles.
5 vials* 2.5ml/ box
South Korea
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