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Rejuran Healer is South Korean cosmetological product  that can cure and rejuvenate skin within a short period of time. It contains DNA of a salmon PDRN (polynucleotides) that has powerful regeneration capabilities. 

Main advantages:

  1. Safeinuse. Does not cause side-effects. It has good bio-compatibility with the skin. 
  2. Activates collagen and elastin synthesis as well as other components of extra-cellular matrix. 
  3. To ensure a better rejuvenation effect it can be combined with products containing hyaluronic acid and botox. 
  4. Guarantees a long-lasting result.

Product purpose

Rejuran Healer is used in injectable rejuvenation methodology. It is injected by a micro-papule method into the surface dermal layer in the areas of forehead, cheeks, chin, periorbital, perioral. 

It is suitable for solving the following problems:

  • Acne, post-acne;
  • Wrinkles, skin sagginess and dryness;
  • Dim complexion.

PDRN – biologically active components that make an influence on different types of cells, including collagen and elastin. They stimulate growth and renewal of cells thus providing a healing effect. They also have anti-inflammatory capabilities. 

The course consists of 4 procedures. Injections can be made within a 2-week interval.  

Description and composition

It is released in the form of a syringe filled with 2 ml. medical substance. There are 2 syringes in one package. Active ingredient – polynucleotides received from DNA of a salmon. 

Weight: 60 g

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