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Natural Alternative to Botox
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SelaTox is a South Korean serum that is a perfect alternative to traditional botox and similar products. The active ingredient acetylhexpeptide which acts softer than botulotoxin, but not less efficiently. After using this product, the wrinkles get smoothed out, the skin is lifted and the face gets an even complexion.
Main Advantages
  1. Non-toxic and does not cause any undesirable health reactions 
  2. Combination of active components leads to accelerated rejuvenation 
  3. Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis 
  4. Ensures a long-lasting result of correcting age related changes
Product Purpose
SelaTox is used for eliminating wrinkles and for lifting the skin. 
Areas of Application
  • Face
  • Neck
Injection of this product takes place through surface dermal layers. 
To achieve a greater rejuvenation effect, it can be combined with hyaluronic acid. 
The serum is packaged in 5 ml. vials.
One package contains 5 vials of 5ml..
The solution consists of acetyl hexapeptide-8, hexadindiol – 1,2, palmitoyl tripeptide – 1,7, botulin, carnosine, glycerin, polysorbate-20, palmytoyl-pentapeptide-3, purified water. 
200 g
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