Touch BR (1vial)

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1 vial / 2ml
3 biomimetic peptides, whitening complex, Niacinamide, Vitamine C
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Touch BR is a South Korean product for a caring and effective whitening of pigment spots, age related spots, freckles. It contains highly active components that prevent melanin synthesis. After the procedure the skin becomes smooth, light and radiant. The same line of skin boosters also includes Touch UP
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Main Advantages

Touch BR is an effective skin booster for whitening the skin as it decreases melanin synthesis, skin pigmentation, age spots and freckles. Not only does it provide a whitening effect, it is also illuminating and depigmentation to the skin. 

  • Unique formula for whitening and brightening
  • Affordable price
  • Quick result and long-lasting effect

touch br effect

Product Purpose

Mesotherapy Touch BR is used for lightening the skin and for evening the skin tone. It is injected into the dermal layers by mesotherapy techniques. 


  • Pigment spots
  • Dyschromia (during menopause, pregnancy)
  • Age related darkening of the epidermis
  • Worsening of complexion due to extended sun exposure
  • Freckles

Touch BR can be used together with MTS, meso-machine or a hydra stamp. To have the best resuls, Touch BR should be used 5 to 6 times with an interval of 1-4 weeks.

touch br


It is packaged in ampoules of 5 ml. Contains 3 biomimetic peptides (oligopeptide-51, oligopeptide-34 and oligopeptide-50) , hyaluronic acid, whitening complex XT80, vitamin C, niacinamide. 


5 ml per vial


30 g


South Korea

Frequently asked questions

How should Touch BR be used?

Touch BR can be used together with MTS, meso therapy or even a hydra stamp.

How many Touch BR treatments should be used?

To have the best results it is recommended to have 5 to 6 treatments, each 1 to 4 weeks apart. 


    I used this with my EZ Injector and it’s amazing!!! I had a few large sun spots on the right side of my face. This lightened them about 75%. One more use and they’ll be completely gone. The lighter freckles are gone. Can’t say enough good things about this. I only used it on the bottom of my face but next time I’m going to do my forehead too. I may also inject the spots directly to see if it makes a difference.
    Used this with a derma stamp and I woke up with glowy and smoother skin the next few days. I am now addicted to this!!! Never had such results with skincare products before.
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